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House by Code Construction

At Code Construction, we love to build beautiful, efficient, sustainable homes.

As a team of Canberra home builders and construction contractors, we are fully experienced in carrying out all stages of work from design to completion.

Designing a new home, renovating an old one, and adding extensions are what we specialise in with our home-building team.

We offer a range of home building and construction services, such as:

  • Custom Home Construction – We can tailor-make a home to suit your budget and lifestyle. Your architect or designer can work with us, or we can employ our in-house design services. We will also advise you through the planning and approval stage to ensure your home is built according to building codes and standards.
  • Renovations – Fortunately, we can keep you extraordinarily comfortable at home by extensively renovating your layout and fixtures and replacing exteriors with modern finishes. But we can also do structural and other cosmetic alterations, including walls, doors, windows, floors, and ceilings.
  • Home Extension –  An extension such as adding a second storey, a flat, a garage, a deck, a patio, or pergola can give your home even more space and value. We can also assist you with design, engineering works and council approval and ensure your extension looks like it was part of the original structure.
  • After-sales service – Not everyone thinks about what happens once we’ve packed up, cleaned, and left the tool kit. We will also see how the project works for you after we have finished it. Let’s hope you will recommend us to anyone who wants one of the best home builders Canberra offers and is looking for a job done right and on time.
House by Code Construction

We strive to meet high standards of workmanship, customer satisfaction and reasonable prices. That’s why we take your initial contact very seriously and look through every minute detail to ensure we quote the right price, materials and completion date. 

As a home builder, Canberra offers a lot of scope to get creative. The city and suburbs offer spacial opportunities that shouldn’t be wasted.  

High quality is a top priority; only the best materials, tools, and methods are used. The best working practices and safety standards also apply in full. In addition, we offer warranties and guarantees on our work as well as free estimates and consultations.

If you are searching for experienced professional home builders in Canberra who have been around long enough and, most importantly, are recommended by others as well, don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us all about your project and ideas.

We look forward to helping you realise your new home just as you envisage it; we may also have a few suggestions. 

Let’s discuss your project and get started.