Home Designs

Here at Code Construction, we are well-versed in modern home designs Canberra residents are always looking for. 

We are a home builder that caters to various innovative, stylish, and modern house designs according to your lifestyle and personal budget. 

Be it a single or double-storey home on any kind of block with a modern or avant-garde style in view, we can make your dream come true by helping you build that perfect house.

We have many years in the building industry, and a lot of our staff has been working within this area giving them a unique insight into modern home designs Canberra residents and new arrivals are on the lookout for. 

This type of experience provides us with a distinctive vision and insight into what modern home designs are being sought after. And to keep ahead of the curve our designers are constantly scouring the market for new ideas and are constantly innovating with our construction team to ensure we deliver the final product as designed, even if they are outside the box.

House by Code Construction
House by Code Construction

Our company is known for providing quality homes that are better than customers’ expectations. 

We focus on customising everything to your requirements. With modern and contemporary ideas and creations at the forefront of modern houses design in the 21st century we keep our eyes and ears open and listen to our customer’s needs. 

We seek to use the best materials and methods. We ensure that the homes are constructed to high safety performance and sustainability standards.

We provide a range of new home designs in Canberra that reflect the Australian lifestyle and local surroundings. 

If we compare house designs and designer houses state by state or city to city, each place has its unique style based on the available surroundings and space.

Designer houses are a trending word in our country’s Capital, and we will help you create a home that defines your personality, appetite, and lifestyle.

Remember, we are not only home builders but also partners in your journey of life in Canberra, and our aim is to deliver something that will stand the test of time and be with you for life.

The initial consultation process will take you all the way to design, approval and construction.

Our modern house designs also come with warranties and many other benefits that you can always depend on for peace of mind in the future.

So contact us today to get the ball rolling and let’s see what ideas you have and let’s see where they take us!