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As one of the top residential builders Canberra has to offer, we know how important it is to make a united area and functional floor layout that makes each day as simple as can be.  

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Strategy is Key

We build our new house plans with all this in mind to give fresh, innovative, and always-in-style homes built to keep the aesthetics lasting for the foreseeable future. 

We work together with you to choose just the right house design. All our house plans are made adjustable to suit your preferences, as this is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. From the look and ending touches to how everything is set up, we always remain flexible, but then we execute to the centimetre of the final plans. 

If you want something unique, we get excited about the challenge!

With lots of know-how in making houses on steep land, tight areas, small parts of land that are split up, and more blocks for homes at corners or other places, flexibility is a norm for us. 


Love entertaining? Make more room outside so you can have extra people come and join you. Take full advantage of the weather we enjoy in Australia by adding options for indoor-outdoor living. The choices are plentiful.

We would take the opportunity to show you possibilities that can enhance your plans or even throw ideas your way you might not have realised can be made functional within the space you have. That’s the exciting part!

At Code Building, being residential builders, our home plans are based on how Australians live and what modern life needs.

If you want to make your first house with one floor or the family is growing and needs a two-floor home for more room, our new home styles will fit well. 

Our house plans also give answers for people of all ages living together, two different families in one home, double homes and much more. 

To begin, contact us, and please specify your preferred number of floors, bedrooms, plot width, and area size. This helps cut out designs that would not work and opens up exactly your options to find the house of your dreams.

Regarding Canberra residential builders, you have found the professionals, and we are keen to look at the project as soon as you are ready.

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