Strata Services

Strata Project Solutions – A variety of services for your property

We provide solutions for small, medium and large Strata Customers

Code Constructions’ Strata Services offers a wide set of house help to many big and small owners, managers who handle group-owned property, and people who sell this type of service, among others, across the country.

The quick growth and reputation of Code Constructions’ Strata Services are things we can use to show ourselves as top providers in the area of fast help, keeping up with building needs, and insurance services for groups who own shared pieces of property.

As the size and amount of Strata projects get bigger, new systems and services become more important.

The strongest company for managing strata services

We are the strongest management team for Strata and offer a complete set of services using up-to-date system tools and project ways. All this is managed through just one contact point.

Strata Service Code Building offers a wide set of property help to lots of big and small strata managers, strata sellers, owners’ groups, and estate supervisors all over the state

24/7 Emergency Services:

Our groups are always ready to act when needed. With skilled workers and a strong team, we can handle any urgent job in Canberra all day, every day of the year.

Insurance Claim Repairs

Our groups do home and business building jobs for the insurance, claim checker, broker and property management areas.

Catastrophe & Major Event Recovery

We offer top-quality skills that let us immediately give important business quick help to any part of Australia.

Scheduled Trade Maintenance

We provide planned exchanges and house repairing services using Straight Touch.

Domestic & Commercial Construction

We take care of different home and business building needs like fixing up a property, making changes to it, changing apartments for new use or renters, doing roof work, putting in floorings and altering structures.

Regarding your Strata needs, just contact our helpful team, and we will get to work as quickly as possible to assess the best route and foundation work needed.