Commercial Builders

Building working places with a focus on the finer details

Code Building is a top worker with many building jobs, mainly focused on fitting out businesses. We have made our name by focusing on serving well and ensuring customers are happy with each task. Our goal is not just to please our customers; we want to make them even happier than they thought possible.

The bonds and friendships we’ve made over time have helped us keep growing and getting returning customers. The strong point of our company is the people working for us, who have a lot of skill in building and we can do many jobs ourselves. We use the top people in our field and work hard to improve daily.

Our Capabilities

Reliable solutions for extensive facilities

Code Construction in Canberra provides building care, asset control, and work-again services to big facility buyers. 

We have helped many start-ups new to the city and suburbs and some of Australia’s premier companies that have decided to branch out onto the Capital and take advantage of the Canberra boom.

We work with extensive educational, retail, commercial, industrial and government facilities across the state.

We help provide comprehensive construction, building maintenance and repairs in three key capability areas:

  • Commercial Planning
  • Commercial Fit-Out
  • Remedial Construction 
  • Strata Services 

Commercial Fit-Out

Code Construction works in different fields like shops, healthcare places, money organisations, etc. We offer small business office changes to full-ready solutions for all clients.

Code Construction provides the following commercial fit-out capabilities:

  • Construction
  • Destroying, making safe and building foundation jobs
  • Divisions, tops, sides, bottoms and entrances
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • In-house Joinery

About Code Construction

  • It is wholly owned and run by Australians
  • Has a long-serving and one of the most experienced teams of  commercial builders Canberra has to offer
  • Is a quality-assured company
  • Values safety and workplace wellbeing
  • Consistently delivers on time and either within or on budget

Commercial Compliance

One of the main factors we must consider is fit-out and how to obtain the necessary permits, licenses, and certifications from the local authorities and regulators.

These would be:

  • ACT Planning and Land Authority
  • ACT Building and Construction Industry 
  • Training Fund Authority
  • National Construction Code

So, as you can see, Code Construction leaves no stone unturned, ensuring your commercial venture gets off on the right foot.